What Are Ilizarov Techniques?

Ilizarov techniques (also known as external or circular fixation) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for lengthening and correcting bone & soft tissue deformities by using a circular external fixation device.

The device is anchored to the bone with pins & tensioned wires, and is used in complex reconstruction of the extremities due to congenital, developmental, post infection, post tumor resection or post traumatic disorders.

The Advantages of Ilizarov Techniques

Dr. Thabet travelled to Italy to learn advanced limb reconstruction using the Ilizarv device & technique. In fact, Dr. Thabet trained directly with Dr. Maurice Catagni, the doctor who introduced the Ilizarov technique to the western world.

Dr. Thabet has applied the Ilizarov technique on advanced cases, including complex trauma, pediatric deformities, reconstructive surgery & limb lengthening.

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