What Is a Bone Defect?

A bone defect is when there’s a lack or absence of bone tissue in an area where you would expect it to be. For example, segmental defects can arise from trauma (injury), tumors, and infections.

Ways To Treat Bone Defects

Despite the many options for bone defect treatment, it is important not to rely on any one method. Dr. Thabet will carefully consider all of the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision about which procedure will be optimal in each individual case.

Bone Transport

Bone transport is a delicate and complex procedure that requires precision by a trained surgeon.  Dr. Thabet will first cut the bone near one end of an involved segment (metaphysis) before slowly moving it down by either fixing with external hardware or using internal nails as regenerating tissue grows in its place?

Shortening & Lengthening

Induced Membrane Technique

Temporary antibiotic cement is placed to eliminate bacteria and initiate the healing response, after which it’s removed. Bone grafts are then applied in its place

Microvascular Bone Free Flap

While rare, Dr. Thabet will transfer part of the bone or blood vessel to the area in which it is needed.

The Right Treatment for You

The right treatment for you may depend on the defect size, skin condition, presence of infection, & condition of the muscle/tendon. 

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Thabet to discuss all your treatment options.